Chapter 6

The Analysis of fMRI Data

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Preparing MR Images for Statistical Analysis

6.2.1 Image formation, Data reduction and Global normalisation
6.2.2 Motion Correction
6.2.3 Spatial Smoothing
6.2.4 Temporal Smoothing
6.2.5 Software Implementation

6.3 Statistical Analysis of the Data

6.3.1 Subtraction Techniques
6.3.2 Correlation Techniques
6.3.3 The General Linear Model
6.3.4 The Serial T-Test
6.3.5 Analysis of Variance
6.3.6 Software Implementation

6.4 Statistical Inference

6.4.1 Confidence levels for T-Scores, Correlation Coefficients and F-scores
6.4.2 The effect of Temporal Smoothing on Degrees of Freedom
6.4.3 The Multiple Comparisons Problem and the Theory of Gaussian Random Fields
6.4.4 Image Presentation and Inter Subject Comparisons
6.4.5 Software Implementation

6.5 Summary

6.6 References

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