Chapter 5

Functional MRI using Interleaved EPI

5.1 Introduction

5.2 The Theory of Interleaved EPI

5.2.1 K-Space Coverage and Gradient Waveforms
5.2.2 Correcting for Discontinuities in K-Space
5.2.3 Multi-Slice Interleaved EPI

5.3 The Benefits and Problems of Using Interleaved EPI

5.3.1 Reduction in Distortion
5.3.2 Improvement in Linewidth
5.3.3 The Benefits of using Interleaved EPI for fMRI
5.3.4 Ghosting Artefact in Interleaved EPI

5.4 Implementation at 3.0 Tesla

5.4.1 High Resolution fMRI
5.4.2 Low Distortion fMRI
5.4.3 High Resolution Anatomical Reference Images for fMRI

5.5 Summary

5.6 References

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