Chapter 3

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Function

3.1 Introduction to Neuroimaging

3.1.1 SPECT and PET
3.1.2 EEG and MEG
3.1.3 Functional MRI and MRS
3.1.4 Comparison of the Functional Brain Imaging Modalities

3.2 The Structure of the Brain

3.2.1 Principal Axes and Planes of the CNS
3.2.2 Cellular Structure of the Brain
3.2.3 Brain Anatomy
3.2.4 Functional Organisation of the Brain

3.3 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

3.3.1 Metabolism and Blood Flow in the Brain
3.3.2 Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Contrast in MR Images
3.3.3 Functional Mapping using the BOLD effect
3.3.4 Paradigm Design
3.3.5 Analysis of fMRI Data

3.4 References

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