4.1 Introduction

For each region of the brain, or cognitive paradigm that is to be studied with MRI there are specific issues regarding the optimisation of the fMRI experiment. These are covered in the chapter on functional MRI applications. There are however issues that relate more generally to fMRI experiments, such as dealing with artefacts and the optimisation of echo time. These subjects are covered here.

The first section deals with the effect of echo time on the magnitude of the signal detected as a result of the BOLD effect. A single shot technique for obtaining images with different echo times is described, and this is also used to produce T2* maps during brain activation. Next, two artefact reducing methods are discussed. The first to reduce the N/2 ghost, and the other to remove artefact from external r.f. interference. A pulse sequence which reduces the time taken to acquire inversion recovery anatomical reference scans is presented, and in the final section the rationale behind a standard experimental protocol for fMRI experiments is explained.

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