Audio-Visual FMRI Experiment at FMRIB

Simultaneous audio and visual stimulation was applied. The visual stimulation was 8Hz reversing chequerboard (yellow and blue squares) with 30s off, 30s on. The auditory stimulation was a recording of a radio discussion programme, with 45s off, 45s on. TR=3, TE=30ms, flip=90. Thanks to Dave Homfray for setting up and running the stimulation, Arthur Magill for running the scanner and Jonathan Marchini for donating his brain.

Analysis was carried out with FEAT (FMRI Expert Analysis Tool). Activation is shown superimposed on a structural scan taken during the same session as the FMRI experiment.

All images © Copyright 2000-2001 Steve Smith, FMRIB.

Axial animation / all slices

Coronal animation / all slices

Sagittal animation / all slices

semi-transparent 3D rendering animation

Movie loop of volume-by-volume activation level.

See the FEAT report from the original analysis of this data here.

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