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Ph.D. in NeuroImaging, Ecole Centrale Paris, 2007
Masters in Mathematics, Vision and Learning, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, 2002
Ingénieur Ecole Centrale Paris, 2002 (see


2014- : MRC Career Development Fellow
NDCN, University of Oxford

2015- : Associate Professor
NDCN, University of Oxford

2014-2015 : University Research Lecturer
NDCN, University of Oxford

2006-2013: Post-doctoral Research Fellow
FMRIB Centre, University of Oxford
Research in brain connectivity using MRI

2003:2006: PhD Candidate
Inserm U678 and Ecole Centrale Paris, France
Modelling tumour proliferation and brain connectivity using diffusion MRI

Non-academic position

Internship (May 2002-Dec 2002)
General Electric Medical Systems Paris, France
X-Ray tomography


Lecturer for the Oxford Centre for doctoral training (, 2014-present
Organisation and teaching at the annual FSL course, 2007-present
Organisation and teaching of several mini-FSL courses (2009, 2010, 2012)
ESMRMB Diffusion Course, University of Oxford, 2010
Easy Maths for imaging, FMRIB Centre Graduate Program, 2006-present
Advanced Maths for imaging, FMRIB Centre Graduate Program, 2007-present
Pure Mathematics class, Ecole Centrale Paris, 2003-2006
Image Processing class, Ecole Centrale Paris, 2005-2006

Grants and prizes

PI: MRC Proximity to discovery, 2015
PI: 5 years (ongoing) MRC career development award, 2014-2019
CoPI: 3 years (completed) grant from the Medical Research Council (UK), 2009-2012
CoPI: 5 years (ongoing) grant from the Canadian Institute of Health Research, 2009-2014
PI: 1 year (completed) grant from the Association for Research against Cancer (France), 2005
Studentship from Moroccan government (1999-2002, ~8K GBP)
Runner up of the Thomas Willis departmental prize 2013 (NDCN, Oxford, £500)
Best Methods Paper Award in NeuroImage, OHBM (Chicago) 2007
Best Poster Award, ISMRM (Seattle) 2006
Winner of the National Olympiads of Mathematics (10,000 USD), Morocco 1997


NeuroImage, MRM, HBM, eLife, Nature Neurosci, Nature Meth, PNAS, PLoS Comp Biol, PLoS ONE, Cortex, JMRI
J Neuroscience, J Neurophysiol, Brain, Cereb Cortex, Cortex, IEEE TMI, MIA, Frontiers, MICCAI

Editorial work

PLoS Comp Biol, associate editor
NeuroImage, member of the editorial board
Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods, reviewing editor