ASL Data for Examples


Here you will find all of the data you will need to run the examples associated with the primer: Introduction to Perfusion Quantification using Arterial Spin Labelling.

Please note that the data is provided for training purposes and should not be used for research without permission.

Single PLD pcASL

This dataset uses pcASL labeling and a single post-labeling delay. This dataset follows as closely as posisble the recommendations of the ASL Consensus Paper on a good general purpose ASL acquisition, although we have chosen to use a 2D mutli-slice readout rather than a full-volume 3D readout.

The files contained in the archive are:

  • asltc.nii.gz - the label-control ASL series containing 60 volumes. That is 30 label and 30 control in pairs of alternating images with label first, for BASIL tools this is --iaf=tc.
  • aslcalib.nii.gz - the calibration image, a (largely) proton-density weighted image with the same readout (resolution etc) as the main ASL data. The TR for this data is 4.8 seconds, which means there will be some T1 weighting.
  • aslcalib_PA.nii.gz - another calibration image, identical to aslcalib.nii.gz apart from the use of posterior-anterior phase encoding (anterior-posterior was used in the rest of the ASL data). This is provided for distortion correction.
  • T1.nii.gz - the T1-weigthed anatomical of the same subject.
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    Multi PLD pcASL

    This data supplements the Single PLD pcASL one above, adding mutli-PLD ASL data in the same subject (collected in the same session). This dataset used the same pcASL labelling, but with a label duration of 1.4 seconds and 6 post-labelling delays of 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5 seconds.

    The files contained in the archive are:

  • asltc.nii.gz - the label-control ASL series containing 96 volumes: each PLD was repeated 8 times, thus there are 16 volumes (label and control paired) for each PLD. The order in which these was collected was a full set of PLD, followed by another, etc. For asl_file this is the same as setting --ibf=tis - the data is grouped as repeats of the whole set of PLDs (TIs).
  • csfmask.nii.gz - a mask, in the same space as the ASL data, of the ventricles for use in calibration. This is simply the result of previously running oxford_asl on the data and is provided to save time when running the examples.
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    Group ASL data

    This data contains the subset of measurements made from a group of eight subjects (but we only use seven here) both at rest and when subject to visual plus motor stimulation. The acquisition was almost identical to the Multi PLD pcASL data.

    the files contained in the archive are:

  • subject1 - a subdirectory containing the data from one subject that inlcudes: rest.nii.gz pcASL data during resting, task.nii.gz pcASL data when stimulation was being applied, calibration_head.nii.gz a calibration image with a TR of 6 seconds, calibration_body.nii.gz a calibration image (TR 6 seconds) using the body coil to permit correction for coil sensitivity, T1.anat the T1 strucutral image having been analysed using fsl_anat.
  • perfusion_study.nii.gz - perfusion images from seven individuals both at rest and during stimulation combined into a single image in MNI152 standard space.
  • design.* - design matrix files for statistical inference, created with Glm.
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