Bedpost stands for Bayesian Estimation of Diffusion Parameters obtained using sampling techniques. Bedpost runs Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampling to build up distributions on diffusion parameters at each voxel. It creates all the files neccessary for running probabilistic tractography. For an overview of the modelling carried out within Bedpost see the appendix.
Bedpost takes about 24 hours to run but can easily be parallelised if multiple processors are available.

To call the FDT GUI, either run Fdt, or run fsl and press the FDT button. Use the top left drop down menu to select Bedpost.

Input directory: Use the browse button to select and input directory. That directory must contain the following files:

Outputs of Bedpost

Bedpost creates a new directory at the same level as the input directory called .bedpost which contains all the files you need for probabilistic tractography. Highlights are: